Edukacja 02_2020_okladka
 The paper presents a methodology for the study of outcomes following graduation. The methodology allows a comprehensive evaluation of graduate educational and career progression by analysis of multiple sources: administrative data, panel surveys and qualitative research. These sources are integral to the research frame -work created for the study Monitoring the fate of university graduates outcomes using administrative data from Social Insurance Institution records. The system offers low cost employment monitoring of graduates. The application of information from administrative records to social research is of particular interest. The approach, commonly used in Scandinavian countries, is new to Poland. The methodology is demonstrated by following the employment and further study of University of Warsaw graduates.

Marek Bożykowski, Albert Izdebski, Mikołaj Jasiński, Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin, Marek Styczeń, Tomasz Zając, Quality Evaluation Unit, University of Warsaw




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