Edukacja 02_2020_okladka
 Publicly funded universities, like commercial organizations are obliged to ensure their efficiency This article presents a model to measure and assess the relative efficiency of technical universities. The analysis was performed using publically available data from 2011 for 18 universities using the Composite indicators method and the SBM Data Envelopment Analysis model. Fourteen indicators for efficiency were defined in the five areas of the university performance: research, teaching, scientific staff development, quality of teaching processes and public funding. inefficient units were identified, based on their calculated efficiency scores and the directions for change to allow them to reach greater efficiency were suggested. Methods used to assess efficiency allowed the combined effect of all relevant factors to be taken into account which described the basic operations of the university.

 Andrzej Szuwarzyński, Bartosz Julkowski, Faculty of Management and Economics, Gdańsk University of Technology


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