Edukacja 03_2020 okladkai

Various methods are used worldwide to evaluate student solutions to examination tasks. Usually the results simply provide information about student competency and after aggregation, are also used as a tool of making comparisons between schools. In particular, the standard evaluation methods do not allow conclusions to be drawn about possible improvements of teaching methods. There are however, task assessment methods which not only allow description of student achievement, but also possible causes of failure. One such method, which can be applied to extended response tasks, is double-digit coding which has been used in some international educational research. This paper presents the first Polish experiences of applying this method to examination tasks in mathematics, using a special coding key to carry out the evaluation. Lessons learned during the coding key construction and its application in the assessment process are described.

Agnieszka Sułowska, Marcin Karpiński, Matmetatics Section, Educational Research Institute