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This paper reports a study addressing how teacher effectiveness influences student outcomes in Polish Lower Secondary schools. Data from a Polish nationwide lower secondary school study were analysed. Data included 3883 pupils in 246 classes, in 137 schools with 202 maths teachers and 4119 pupils in 260 classes, in 143 schools with 215 language teachers. Variance of exam scores explained by teacher effect was 12% (maths) and 8% (language skills). Controlling for prior achievement, intelligence and student family background, teacher effects were 5% (maths) and 4% (language skills). Until now there has been no consensus about which teacher characteristics could explain variance in their effectiveness. The scale of “teacher authority/classroom management” explains 91% of exam scores in maths and 81% in language skills, when controlling for prior student achievement, intelligence, student family background and school location.

Maciej Koniewski, Educational Value Added Section, Educational Research Institute