Edukacja 02_2020_okladka

 Results from the European survey on Language Competences (ESLC) show that regular exposure to a foreign language for many Polish pupils is limited to language classes at school. in this light, the authors of this article took a closer look at the Polish ESLC findings. With a discussion on current theoretical approaches, good practice in foreign language teaching and national core curriculum requirements, the paper presents an analysis of student responses to a questionnaire about English lessons at lower secondary school. it also aims to describe how the school language class, as students describe it, achieves its basic goal in language education – communication in a foreign language.

Agata Gajewska-Dyszkiewicz, Katarzyna Kutyłowska, Filip Kulon, Katarzyna Paczuska, Ludmiła Rycielska, Magdalena Szpotowicz, Educational Research Institute