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The concept of music performance achievement or musical achievement is variably understood and operationalised in different ways in research. Assessing the level of instrumental music performance is a complex task, requiring the assessment of many aspects of music performance. The aim of this article is to analyse (a) the ways achievement in music performance is understood, (b) factors affecting the assessment of instrumental music performance, and (c) tools used to measure such achievements. We describe the distinctions made in terms of the level of music expertise attained and the quality of the performance. We also present factors considered when assessing performance achievement: types of musical performance tasks, choice of repertoire, assessment criteria, such as the overall impression of the performance, technical ability, expressive components, and the basic parameters of the quality of the performance. Finally, we discuss available assessment tools, indicating their limitations.

Zofia Mazur, Mariola Łaguna, Institute of Psychology, The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


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